Charles Kuffner of Off the Kuff Endorses Marilyn Burgess

Charles Kuffner of Off the Kuff Endorses Marilyn Burgess

If you follow Charles Kuffner of Off the Kuff (Texas’ longest running progressive political blog), you may have noticed that Kuffner has formally endorsed Marilyn Burgess for Harris County District Clerk:

“I endorse Marilyn Burgess for District Clerk. I only met her during this cycle, but like Diane Trautman she’s been out there campaigning for months, and she has great credentials for this office. All three of her opponents entered the race in the last days of the filing period. Two have no web presence – one was a candidate for SBOE in 2016, and had no web presence then, either – and one has a mostly unreadable website. District Clerk is – or at least should be – one of the least political elected offices out there. It’s about doing a straightforward information management job. I have faith Marilyn Burgess can do that job, and I’m voting for her.”

Kuffner has rightly identified Marilyn Burgess as the strongest candidate with the deepest understanding of the District Clerk’s Office and of the incumbent’s demerits. 

To learn more about Marilyn’s background and experience, click here. And to read more of Kuffner’s endorsements for primary season, visit Off the Kuff

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