Marilyn on Off the Cuff

Marilyn on Off the Cuff

Earlier this month, Off the Kuff, Texas’ longest running progressive political blog, announced Marilyn Burgess’s campaign for Harris County District Clerk, saying:

District Clerk is a position that’s all about organization and operations. Its job duties include recording the actions and the judgments of the district courts; transmitting the orders of the district courts to the authorities responsible for their execution; and assuming all other duties assigned by the presiding judge of a court, which includes things like bringing in people for jury duty. It’s not really political in the way that (for example) County Clerk and Tax Assessor are, but it is a constitutional office and it has a lot of important responsibilities.
Burgess is a CPA by profession, and spent four years as the Executive Director of the Texas PTA. She was a candidate for Harris County Department of Education in Precinct 4 in 2016, receiving 45% of the vote in that Republican area.

To read the full story, click here.

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