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Tuesday Round Up

October 13th, 2009 No comments

Back from a little hiatus on the round ups! I’m no good with enforced schedules, I have to go with the Flow! So, from now on, Round Ups will come exactly when they should, when I’ve been inspired to write one!

Twitter + Blog = Twog


Richard Florida Twogs!

Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class and Who’s Your City?, is quite an active tweeter. He frequently tweets about stats, facts, and graphs about place, population and societies ever-changing demographics. It’s a little difficult to keep up with all of his nifty tweets, so he is now twogging! Each Wednesday Richard Florida compiles his bests tweets of the week into one, each to swallow blog post.

Johnny B Truant talks about Motivation at IttyBiz

Johnny B. Truant

Johnny B. Truant

Johnny B Truant has been super shiny lately, making guest posts all over the web, and even making $10K in 3 months by helping people! Through a hap-hazard retelling of an old tale, Truant tells us where the motivation came from to make it happen. When you have a need or requirement rather than a desire, you have ample motivation!

Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Street View at urlesque

Drunk dude passed out on Google Street View

Drunk dude passed out on Google Street View

Google Street View was just released in Canada. All my friends, ok, I’ll admit, and me too, have been spending valuable work time combing through the maps of our usual stomping grounds and a select few have been able to proudly post blurred images of themselves doing usual stuff. urlesque complied some of the whackiest moments found on Google Street View, including public urination, flashes, and even a Web 2.0 marriage proposal!

Stop the TV Tax debate spins out of consumer control at Canadian Cholito

Up here in Canada there is a whole debacle going on over a supposed local TV tax. The Canadian Cholito took it upon himself to discover who the real players are in this charade, and shares with his readers what they need to know.